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Memories and Apple, Crystal and Tim

In today’s installment of my “Macedonia Journal,” Part III, I quote a conservative politico in the country. He has some interesting, even moving, things to say.

“It’s getting harder and harder to be a conservative in Europe. Not an ‘economic conservative,’ favoring lower tax rates. That’s relatively easy to be. But a social conservative” — someone who wants to uphold the family, religion, traditional values, etc.

“In America, you complain about a culture war. And no one wants a culture war. But that’s better than cultural surrender.”

He had more to say, and I quote him. But he also said something that is not included in my journal. I’d like to mention it here.

Like many Macedonians — and people around the world, of course — this man follows American affairs quite closely. And he knew all about the contretemps in Walkerton, Ind., involving Memories Pizza.

Crystal O’Connor, 21 years old, owns the pizzeria with her father. She told a reporter that they are happy to serve gay customers. However, they would be uncomfortable catering a gay wedding, owing to their religious beliefs.

A storm broke over their heads, of course, including death threats. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was one of the figures vilifying these dangerous Hoosiers.

With astonishment and frustration, my Macedonian friend observed, “How is it that a 21-year-old woman in a little Midwestern town is the bad guy — the heavy — and the CEO of Apple, of all companies, is the injured party? The victim? What kind of world is this? Who has the power here and who doesn’t? It’s crazy.”

An interesting way of framing the issue.

P.S. Apple, needless to say, is happy to do business in countries where bad things happen to gays. It’s not that a pizzeria declines to cater their weddings. It’s that they are, you know: drawn and quartered, stoned to death, tossed off tall buildings . . .


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