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Memories Pizza Just a Memory — on Google, at Least

Since stating this morning that they would not be willing to cater a same-sex wedding, the owners of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Ind., are experiencing the famous “tolerance” of the American Left.

A search on Google Maps for pizza parlors in the Walkerton area reveals that “Memories Pizza” has been replaced:

The description for “Gay Memories Pizza” — which has as its avatar “Gay Jesus” — links to the website, a dating website for gay men.

None of the nine Memories Pizza-associated images Google Maps provides are related to Memories Pizza. Instead, one finds “Boycott Indiana”​ images and cartoons mocking Christians.

Almost all 192 (and counting) Google reviews have been written “in the last week.” Multiple one-star ratings have been uploaded by the same Google users. Predictably, some “reviewers” note that they have never visited Memories Pizza, and several do not live in Indiana. A sampling of reviews:

The same dynamic is on full display at the crowd-source review site Yelp, where even foreign nationals are chiming in:

There are currently 987 reviews of Memories Pizza posted on the site.

Welcome to left-wing “tolerance” in the Age of the Internet.


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