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A Mite re the Mother

Several days ago, when the name of Neil Gorsuch surfaced, I thought of Anne Gorsuch — the woman who had been Reagan’s first EPA administrator. Later, her name was Anne Burford. She left the EPA in a cloud of acrimony. I can’t remember the details.

Anyway, I Googled — and yes, Neil Gorsuch is her son. Mrs. Burford died in 2004.

I’d like to relate a memory. At a college event, I heard Anne Burford (as she had become) speak in 1984. The crowd of students was insanely hostile, as you can imagine. Insanely.

During the Q&A, a young professor — or perhaps a grad assistant — stood up, and before he asked his question, he made a statement, gesturing around the seats: “All these students who think they know so much about science and the environment, I’d like to see you in the lab sometime.”

I was both tickled and impressed by that. (“Tickled” is a Midwestern word, in that context.) Mrs. Burford said, “You know, those who know the most tend to be the least judgmental.”

I have never forgotten that (obviously). And I thought I would contribute this mite, on Neil Gorsuch Day.