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‘Men Are Men and Women Are Women’

There was a small transgender contingent at CPAC this year. One of them, Jennifer Williams, gave an interview to Slate, and was critical of Ben Shapiro for having retrograde attitudes about transgender people. Here is an amusing part of the interview conducted by Osita Nwanevu.

Nwanevu: Ben Shapiro was a very well-received speaker yesterday—

Williams: Yeah, unfortunately.

Nwanevu: —and one of his applause lines is always “Men are men and women are women” . . .

Williams: Ben Shapiro is going to say what he says in his speech. Moreso guys than women are going to hoot and holler and think it’s funny.

“Moreso guys than women?” How could one be so sure of that? Unless, perhaps, it is the case that . . . no, no, unthinkable thought.


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