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Men Without Chests

Over the last week it’s become clear that the president and his aides have been telling blatant lies — no, whoppers – about the sequester. Then over the weekend it was reported that presidential aides have been soliciting $500,000 contributions in return for quarterly meetings with the president — a man who daily inveighs against the influence of the rich and their lobbyists in Washington.

In the recent past these would have been big stories. Not anymore. Today, noticing such things runs the risk of rendering one less than cool. Indeed, even some conservative-leaning members of the media have shrugged them off. 

We appear to have entered a disturbing era of yawning at hypocrisy, blithely accepting lies, and expecting corruption. To paraphrase, we laugh at honor and expect to find liars and corruption in our midst.

Not everything should be treated as the outrage of the century, but there’s a cost for such indifference and complacency, and it goes far beyond a $44 billion “cut” or a $16.5 trillion debt.


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