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Mene Mene Tekel Upharsim

Jonah:  Nicely done, of course, but you make it sound like too much of an even match.   Which ain’t so. One of the salient features of the immigration debate, for many years now, has been the unnaturally big opinion gap between the elites and ordinary citizens.  Since elites run the newspapers, TV networks, universities, churches, etc., this has no way been an even match.   The elites have been getting all their own way on this for too long, and have even managed to establish a PC line–i.e. that anyone who is concerned about immigraqtion is a Bad Person harboring Dark Thoughts.   Now elite types like the WSJ editorial crowd are getting the terrible feeling they can no longer hold that line, and they’re panicky.    That’s the side that most of the vitriol is coming from; and it’s coming because they feel they’re losing control of the immigration debate.  Peasants with pitchforks (I’m appealing to those mystic chords of memory here) are storming their gated communities, and they’re upset about it.  U.S. public debate on this topic is rank with class snobbery.   There’s something to like about populism, after all.