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The Mensadent of the United States

Our pal Bernie Goldberg has a great new column on the Thinker-in-Chief. It’s worth your time. It begins:

President Obama is many things, but humble isn’t one of them. You get the impression he believes that if he were around when Rodin sculpted The Thinker, the artist would have asked him to be the model; the man who so thoughtfully sits there, his chin resting on his hand, the essence of intelligence.

How smart is Barack Obama? Well, he once said he was “a better speechwriter than my speech writers.” He boasted that he knows “more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors.” And that he’s “a better political director than my director.”

How lucky we are to have such a bright man leading our country. Or maybe he’s just a narcissist.

But even wise men have their lacuna, and Barack Obama’s knowledge gap involves his inability — or unwillingness — to recognize how illogical and in­con­sis­tent he can be, when it suits his purposes. Or maybe he just doesn’t care.


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