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“a Mensch in Cowboy Boots”

Today’s Dallas Morning News editorial page praises the president to the skies for his secret trip to Baghdad. (There’s no link to the editorial on the site currently). My paper said:

Granted, Mr. Bush will probably get a political boost out of this lightning trip, but those who reduce his gallant and courageous gesture to mere politics only diminish themselves. Any commander in chief, Republican or Democrat, who took this kind of risk to show solidarity with our soldiers on Thanksgiving would deserve unreserved praise and admiration.

There is a Yiddish expression to describe a man who acts this way: mensch. Leo Rosten defined it as “someone of substance, someone to emulate, someone of noble character.” George W. Bush of Texas showed yesterday what a mensch looks like in cowboy boots.

On the other hand, CNN’s Nic Robertson just reported from Baghdad, “In Arab culture, it is almost an insult to visit unannounced, and he didn’t even stay for the traditional hospitality.” Waaah, waaah, waaah.


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