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I don’t have to agree with it to find it amusing. From a reader:

Mr. Goldberg,

You missed my favorite conservative, MeoCon. People who fall into this group believe that what ever benefits them is the proper conservative position. Andrew Sullivan is a primary example, he feels that he is a leading conservative voice, but he is willing to live on a collective farm that allows gay unions. All who disagree are apostates. I fear that the Derb is a MeoCon as well, although I am not sure if he has any issue that requires him to consider others as apostates (I think he just does it for practice).

I have attached the following definitions:

NeoCon- Jews who disagree with the New York Times

TheoCon- Protestants who disagree with the New York Times

EcoCon- Rich People who disagree with the New York Times

MeoCon- Conservatives who agree with the New York Times on a single issue


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