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Merkelmania: Not What It Was

The Daily Telegraph:

Almost half of German voters do not want Angela Merkel to serve another term as chancellor, according to a new poll. Some 48 per cent of those questioned in the survey for Bild newspaper said they did not want Mrs Merkel to continue in office after the next German election, which is due to be held in 2017.

Forty-four per cent were in favour of Mrs Merkel remaining in power. The findings are an indication of how dramatically Mrs Merkel’s public support has fallen in recent weeks following opposition to her “open-door” refugee policy. Just a few months ago she seemed unassailable as Germany’s leader, and her Christian Democrat party was even daring to contemplate the possibility of an overall majority in the 2017 election.

 Mrs Merkel is not facing disaster yet. Despite the drop in her support she has no obvious challenger, and her party remains well ahead in the polls, at 38 per cent, one point up from a week ago. Its nearest rival, the Social Democrats, are 13 points behind on 25 per cent. But the latest poll found 47 per cent of voters believe Mrs Merkel has handled the refugee crisis badly, compared to 40 per cent who believe she has got Germany’s response right.

The chancellor has refused to back down from her policy or impose a limit on the number of asylum-seekers the country will take….

Of course she has.

In other news, the “indispensable” (The Economist) Merkel, a politician busy establishing herself as the worst German chancellor since the war, has decided that the rest of the world should not escape the stupidity and waste she has inflicted on her own country with her disastrous Energiewende.


PARIS — Germany’s Angela Merkel took the stage in Paris on Monday to implore fellow world leaders to “take action” on climate change, leaving little doubt that Berlin would push hard for a sweeping global accord. “We need an agreement that is ambitious, comprehensive, fair and binding,” said Merkel, her voice hoarse from a cold…

No we don’t.

Merkel, an over-promoted East German apparatchik who punctuates muddle with moments of panic, has been a disaster for her own country and a tragedy for Europe.

 “Fellow world leaders” should show her the door.

They won’t, of course.    


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