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Merkel’s Victory

A reader writes:

We conservatives haven’t won much lately, but would be nice to see SOMEONE at NRO give Chancellor Merkel props for pounding the Social Democrats down to pre-1933 levels.  And she talks the language of tax

cuts and deregulation.

Ok, so she’s not Margaret Thatcher, and she’s on the global warming bandwagon, but she’s more pro-American business and pro-USA foreign policy than say… our own President Obama.

I don’t have a lot to say about this development, but I’m in total agreement with the reader that the results of Germany’s election are for the most part very positive.  Here’s a good Bloomberg story on the election. Also, my friend Vic Matus of The Weekly Standard is in Germany right now and has been doing some blogging.

UPDATE — I started composing this post and took a break before finishing. I didn’t see John O’Sullivan’s informative item on the German elections had been posted in the interim. Be sure and read that.


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