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Message from the Protesters in Tahrir Square

Below is a translated message from protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. I pass it along without comment:

A message from the protesters in Tahrir Square – Cairo

Monday, February 07, 2011 11:28 PM

It is important to read and circulate this message. It was sent from Tahrir Square.   We are youth in Tahrir Square; we are trying to connect with our families and our friends outside the square to respond to the different charges, which we hear in the local Egyptian government-controlled media. We have to express the views of our people stationed in the square about these accusations, including the following:

Myth: 1 – the Muslim Brotherhood is the mechanism of the revolution of January 25 in control of the grassroots

Response: Muslim Brotherhood were not present at all since the beginning of the revolution and began to appear after the first week. Protesters in the Tahrir Square are of all political currents and social backgrounds and different religious and this is reflected in the details of today, there are those who read the Koran and from there playing music, etc… Muslim Brotherhood announced its intention not to run for the upcoming presidential elections. Muslim Brotherhood is part of the Egyptian people and their right to participate in the sit-ins such as the various other trends.

Myth: 2 – Protesters in the square belong to a Liberation Organization and receive funding and that is why all of them slept in identical tents: Response: Protesters in the Tahrir Square come from varying multiple layers of society, some of whom sleep in tents and some of them cannot even sit on the ground. Know that the protesters who are sitting in Tahrir Square displays their lives and the lives of bring them closer to danger, especially after what we saw of bullying and crime last Wednesday of thugs Mubarak and state security.  Can all these people that put themselves at risk in exchange for money or an organization? But we are here to defend the principles and achieve our legitimate demands.

Myth: 3 – After 12 days of this sit-you (revolt) you have succeeded “to stop the country” and disrupt the lives of citizens and their jobs, why all this havoc? Response: We’re not imposing a curfew on the Egyptian people, starting at 3 pm in the afternoon. We did not shut off gas stations, fuel, banks and the stock market. We did not withdraw the police from the street and then released the criminals that caused a tremendous amount of lawlessness and insecurity. Egypt lost millions of dollars because of the government’s decision to cut off the Internet on the Egyptian people. Egypt’s losses during the days of the revolution cannot be compared to the robberies carried out by the corrupt government and the Ministry of Interior, which is working to overthrow the people’s revolution to restore the rights of their people.

Myth: 4 – Why do you still remain in Tahrir square are you not satisfied or already seen the changes that the government has made so far? Response:  Since the first day of the youth revolution, they chanted the slogan “the people want regime change,” a crossing point for all our demands, we mean the regime of the president and his government, the lying press and the corrupt businesspeople around the regime.  We do not deny that the revolution has made many achievements, but still not enough the “template” has not changed. The Peoples’ Assembly (parliament) has not been dissolved and they cannot be trusted to work on changing (reforming) the constitution.  The Emergency law still exists and can be used to arrest and for the oppression of all who tried to claim in a peaceful way to change/reform the system. There is still no law that guarantees the freedom to form political parties. So all the changes that have been “made” by the government so far, are merely cosmetic changes that does not mean a real change in the causes we are fighting of corruption, injustice and dictatorship.   And we invite all of you to visit us in the Tahrir Square and to spend some time with us and listen to the people.   We will stay in liberation square until we are liberated, free!

Michael Rubin is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, senior lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Civil-Military Relations, and a senior editor of the Middle East Quarterly.


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