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Message to Rudy

Guys — you totally lost this week’s buzz competition. There have been few mentions of the campaign — other than your declining numbers — recently. No nice pictures of Rudy with a child in a diner in Iowa. (Chelsea looked good with Hillary yesterday morning.)

Maybe you decided to let Mitt have his moment over the religion speech. Maybe you think that getting between Mitt and Huckabee — natural enemies if ever there were — would be a mistake. Maybe you don’t take Huckabee seriously because of his liberal record on crime, spending and immigration — and the fact that he was the governor of a cheesy, no count state –doesn’t seem threatening. Okay. But that works only if you have something to top it with — next week. How about a policy speech? How about a “vision thing” moment? Those 12 Commitments — they were good. Very Reaganite. But atomistic. Now you need to offer a tightly crafted rationale for your leadership. Give us a vision of where you will take the country. The ability to defend against our real enemies is necessary but not sufficient. To regain momentum you will need to give voters a positive hook. Reagan always did.


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