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Metaphor Follow-up

Not too many new entries for my metaphor contest. Rich already wrote about Tunku Varadarajan’s “bordering on fascist” line, which is a little different from Nazis but along the same lines. One original thing was the formulation “Juan Crow” as a parallel to Jim Crow (though it should actually be “Diego Cuervo,” but never mind).

One plus of all this hyperventilation about the Arizona law: The May Day illegal-alien protests planned for Saturday are likely to be even more, ah, colorful than they would have been otherwise. Michelle Malkin has some great images from Arizona protests, and the Arizona Republic has a gallery with some other great pics, including these:

No borders


So, do you think the MSM will be as outraged by all this as they were by pictures of Obama made up to look like Heath Ledger? No? Well, the public will see it all anyway, courtesy of cell-phone cameras and the web. And that will hardly motivate independent voters, let alone Republican lawmakers, to associate themselves with the AmeriKKKa crowd.


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