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The Mets, and another oddity

K-lo, thanks for remembering my commitment to the Amazin’s in their moment of sorrow.  I will treasure this post-season for many reasons, Endy Chavez’s truly startling catch being just one of them.  But most notably, this will always be the year I got my boys excited about baseball.  We were fortunate enough to attend the final game of the Mets-Dodgers series here in L.A., and we watched as much as we could of the LCS.  Thursday night found us procrastinating over math homework in order to don our trio of blue and orange caps in rally position for the final hopeful but ultimately disappointing innings.  I am glad Willie Randolph didn’t bunt the runners over in the ninth.  I am sad Cliff Floyd and Carlos Beltran couldn’t pull the trigger against Wainwright’s curveball.

The other oddity?  I bought a hybrid.  Specifically, a Mercury Mariner mini-SUV.  It’s getting 28 mpg, doubling what I get in that other car of mine.  So it will help keep down gas expenses, as well reduce the ridiculous wear and tear I was administering to what probably shouldn’t be used as a commuter car in the first place.  The Mariner is a pretty sweet ride for the price, and I can pull into the studio lot (already full of Japanese-built hybrids) knowing I have done my part to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

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