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Mets Beat Yanks … Then Make a Huge Error

As a Met fan who has been very happy with how well things have been going, I cringed when I read the last paragraph of today’s story in the NYPost about last night’s 3-2 win over the Yankees, which quoted star shortstop, Jose Reyes:

“It’s great, because we beat Andy Pettitte,” Reyes said. “He’s their best pitcher right now. And we beat him. And tomorrow is hopefully going to be easy for us.”

I’ve grudgingly admired the Yankee teams over the last decade because they never ran off at the mouth like this, no matter how good they were.  This is just the kind of trash-talking that might shake the slumping Yanks out of their rut.  I like Reyes a lot, but this was a really dumb thing to say about a very proud team — he better make sure his helmet is on tight today when his turn to hit comes up, and that he’s got his eyes open around second-base if Jeter, Posada, A-Rod or some other angry Yankee has a chance to break up a double-play.