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Of Mice and Men…and Women

Father George W. Rutler, sometimes referred to (by me) as The Corner chaplain for his tendency to occasionally send in both witty and deep thoughts. Consulted by an NRO staffer about the morality of killing rodents (specifically the one in NR World Headquarters earlier today), Fr. Rutler, in his infinite wisdom, replied:

I killed a mouse at my parents’ house once because it was chewing away at

items. But I covered it with a piece of cardboard before I crushed it with a

broom and each time I went to strike the object moved a few inches, which

was unsettling. It is easier to shoot an antelope or mountain ram than a

little mouse. Why? Because larger animals can attack and hurt us, but a

mouse is small and helpless. – Why kill the mouse in your office? Has it

committed a capital crime? Has it murdered anyone on the NR staff? Has it

shot a policeman or blown up a building? Has it committed treason or

deserted an army in combat? I expect not. Then why kill it? Russell was

wise. My second question: did you measure the mouse’s height? Was it taller

than you or the other women in the office? Again, I expect not. Why were the

women hysterical? Think of the little mouse confronted by several screaming

women whose voices must have sounded to the little creature like cyclones

and whose height must have seemed like tall buildings threatening to crash

down upon it. Methinks the mouse should have been screaming instead of you.

Indeed, it probably was in its own squeaking little way and its heart, which

Jesus loves, must have been beating painfully within its fragile breast.

This is but one more reason I think females should not be allowed to vote in

general elections or hold public office.


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