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Michael Mann’s False Nobel Claim

This morning, I called the Nobel Committee in Norway and asked whether Michael Mann had won a Nobel Peace Prize. The answer was a pretty emphatic “No.” Here is the call (apologies for poor quality of the line — transcript provided below):

Cooke: Hello there, do you speak English?

Nobel Committee: Yes, can I help you?

Cooke: I’m a writer. I’m wondering if I could ask you about previous winners of the Nobel Peace Prize?

Nobel Committee: Oh, could you speak a little bit louder. It’s difficult for me to hear.

Cooke: Sorry. I’m trying to look for some information about previous winners of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobel Committee: Which one?

Cooke: I was wondering, has Dr. Michael Mann ever won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Nobel Committee: No, no. He has never won the Nobel prize.

Cooke: He’s never won it?

Nobel Committee: No.

Cooke: Oh, it says on his-

Nobel Committee: The organization won it. It’s not a personal prize to people belonging to an organization.

Cooke: Okay. So if I were to write that he’d won it, that would be incorrect?

Nobel Committee: That is incorrect, yes. Is it you that sent me an email today? I got an e-mail from our Stockholm office regarding Michael Mann.

Cooke: Oh. No, I didn’t send you an e-mail.

Nobel Committee: Oh. So what’s your name?

Cooke: My name is Charles Cooke.

Nobel Committee: And you work for?

Cooke: I write for National Review.

Nobel Committee: Okay, because I’ve got something from Boston and NY Envirionmental Examiner that asked about the same thing.

Cooke: Oh, okay. Well maybe this is a big question. Okay, but he hasn’t won it. That is the answer.

Nobel Committee: No, he has not won it at all.

Cooke: Okay. Perfect. Thank you very much.

Nobel Committee: Thank you. You’re welcome. Bye bye.


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