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Michael Moore Theorizes Reid Would Support Assault-Weapons Ban if Grandchildren Were Shot

On Piers Morgan Live last night, left-wing documentarian Michael Moore lashed out at Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) for dropping Dianne Feinstein’s (D., Calif.) assault-weapons ban, and speculated Reid wouldn’t have done so if his own grandchildren were the victims of a mass shooting.

After Morgan used Rob Portman’s (R., Ohio) change on same-sex marriage as an example of a lawmaker being personally affected on policy, Moore projected that Reid would do the same when it comes to gun control if his grandchildren were killed by an assault weapon at their school: “Would he stand in front of his microphone at 5 o’clock and say, ‘I know how Dianne had to witness the mayor getting murdered, and my grandchildren just got killed today, but, you know, we can’t get it passed because we just don’t have the votes’? Would he do that? Really? I don’t think so.”

Moore chastised Reid throughout the interview, calling him a “weenie,” and gave viewers Reid’s e-mail address.


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