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Michelle Obama Receives Iranian Group’s ‘Wet Gunpowder’ Award

An Iranian group affiliated with the country’s Revolutionary Guard Corps has awarded Michelle Obama something known as the “Wet Gunpowder” award, granted to individuals who have “assisted Iran in fighting imperialist powers more effectively,” reports the government-controlled Press TV. 

In presenting the best picture award to the movie Argo at the Oscars she exposed Washington’s influence on Hollywood, according to the award’s organizers. 

“She won the award because she showed the world that the Zionists in the White House have immense influence and control over [the] Hollywood film industry,” Yaquoub Soleimani, a commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, told Press TV. The commander of Iran’s volunteer paramilitary force, Mohammed Reza Naqdi, added, “No artists, not even the ones that have a Western mindset, believe that Argo is a film worthy of an even national award [sic]. That film is definitely not artistic enough to quality for an international award, an award that is claimed to be given to the best movie in the world, the Oscars.”

Michelle Obama made a surprise appearance via teleconference at February’s awards ceremony.

Argo, which chronicles the harrowing journey of six Americans who escaped Tehran after the storming of the U.S. embassy in 1979, has been criticized by the Iranian government since its release. Most recently, the regime hired a French lawyer to file a lawsuit against Hollywood over films that mischaracterize Iran. 

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