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Michigan Exchange, Day One: The Affordable Glitch Act

Detroit — Washington’s bureaucrats took over the U.S. health system four years ago with the promise that they could administer it better – and far more cheaply – than the private sector. That the Affordable Care Act is affordable is already a joke — as we report in the Detroit News today, health-exchange premiums are 166 percent higher than current rates for young Michiganians. As for administration, the White House launched Affordable Care Act 1.0 today and I, like millions of Americans, went to to check out the future. We didn’t get far. Call it the Affordable Glitch Act.

I got started this afternoon at by following directions to the Michigan (Health Care Exchange) signup page. I had to wait. For five minutes. No problem, waiting isn’t unusual in the insurance business.

But then I stalled in the sign-up process. After recording my user and password, Page Three asked me three questions to assure account security. Except that the questions weren’t visible. Did this mean I was to make up my own questions (mother’s maiden name, for example)? No, when I tried my own question, nothing happened. When I clicked on the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button, I got an error page telling me I must first answer the three questions (“THIS FIELD IS REQUIRED”).

Read more at the Detroit News here.


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