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Mickey Kaus, Immigration Expansionist

I liked the Kaus ad Jonah linked to — it was cute without being cutesy. Apparently it was inspired by a Wellstone ad from 20 years ago, though Wellstone, God rest his soul, was the kind of doctrinaire leftist to whom Mickey offers himself as an alternative. (Pardon the interruption, but the internet needs this phrase: “Wellstone is a Wellstoneite!” – with apologies to Jay Lovestone. If you don’t get it, you’re not sufficiently steeped in Cold War arcana.)

Anyway, over the weekend Mickey also had an op-ed on immigration in the Orange County Register. His first four recommendations are hard to argue with: mandatory verification, stiffer sanctions for employers knowingly hiring illegals, tracking those who overstay visas, and more fencing. But his fifth point, “Greater avenues for legal immigration, including immigration from Mexico,” would undo much of that — legal and illegal immigration are just different parts of the same phenomenon, and if you increase one you’ll get more (or at least more pressure) for the other.

Ideally, this should be the range of the debate — pro-enforcement restrictionists vs. pro-enforcement expansionists — and Mickey would be a worthy opponent. In any case, he makes clear he’s no restrictionist, so, Democrats, it’s safe to vote for Kaus!


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