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I wonder if the story about the leftist stranglehold in universities is

similar to the story about incompetent public schools: we inveigh

against the mass (as indeed I do), but the one we happen to know

personally isn’t all that bad. In my case, I was recently talking to my

daughter, a sophomore at Middlebury, about her course in political

philosophy. She’s now two months into it, and she remarked that she

still doesn’t have any idea what her professor’s politics are. That’s

not easy for someone teaching political philosophy. In fact, I’m not

sure I could pull off that trick for two months myself. And then there

was the convocation for her freshman class last year, when Middlebury’s

President told his incoming students that true diversity in a college

isn’t measured by skin color, but by the richness and range of

intellectual perspectives. That was pretty cool too.

So that I’m not misunderstood, I agree that leftist domination in

universities is real in the social sciences and humanities, and it is

often a problem. We may, however, underestimate the prevalence of

professors who act in good faith to keep their politics from spilling

over into their classrooms. So I’m sharing some good news to go along

with the bad.


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