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A Word for Bill

Fifty years ago, Bill Buckley ran for mayor of New York. He then wrote a book about the experience: The Unmaking of a Mayor. I believe it’s my favorite Buckley book (non-fiction). (My favorite of his novels, I believe, is Stained Glass.)

This morning, in New York, we celebrated a new edition of Unmaking. By “we,” I mean a bunch of righties, resident in the city. We had two little panels. One was moderated by Rich Lowry, the other by me.

I had the pleasure of talking with, and stoking, Norman and Midge Podhoretz. (When wielding her pen, Midge is Midge Decter.) I wish I could reproduce the whole thing for you — I think it’ll be available on C-SPAN. But, for my money, Midge had the best line: when she said that Bill was such a “creamy” person to know.

That description is Decterian, and completely apt.


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