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Midget Fight!

With the EU Constitution done for now, discussion now shifts to a successor to Prodi as president of the EU Commission. Prodi is as venal as he is ineffective and was thus perfect in the job. Where to look now? Well, here’s the Guardian’s take:

“Neither leader made much attempt to deny the continued deadlock over the choice of a new president for the Brussels commission – with Mr Blair leading a six-nation bloc against the French-backed Belgian candidate and Mr Chirac giving the thumbs down to Britain’s Chris Patten. The prime minister said his rejection of the Belgian premier and anti-American federalist, Guy Verhofstadt, meant “no disrespect”. Mr Chirac is now promoting Michel Barnier, the lacklustre French foreign minister, against the Portuguese prime minister, Jose Manuel Durao Baroso.”

Barnier sounds perfect. Barnier! Barnier! Barnier!


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