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Miffed Mormons

From a reader in Utah:


Something teh GOP leadership should take note of, which I have not

seen addressed so far, is the Mormon rank-and-file reaction to the

treatment we’ve been given by the GOP.  For decades the Republican

Party was happy to have our support for their conservative agenda and

our reliable vote, apparently as long as we kept our mouths shut and

didn’t go rocking the boat.  However, after having seen how Romney is

treated in many GOP circles, there are lot of Mormons who are feeling

more than a little put out with our own party.  Of course, the Dems

need not wait a mass exodus of Mormon to that party since much of

their platform is still very objectionable to most Mormons, but it is

certainly enough to convince Mormons to either pull for a third party

candidate or simply stay home, thus putting Utah up for grabs in the

presidential election.


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