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Mike Allen…

here on the bad news—NRSC having to spend big in Virginia:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee, which had once hoped the son of the legendary Washington Redskins coach would be able to fend for himself, is having to spend $900,000 on radio ads and mailings in Virginia to try to shore up Allen, a boot-wearing, tobacco-dipping conservative who once hoped to fill the Ronald Reagan niche in the ‘08 presidential field. The committee had already spent $450,000 there, but decided this week that it would have to spend the maximum it can, doubling its investment.

And the good news—it still looks like GOP will hold the Senate:

One Republican strategist close to the White House gave this forecast: “We’re going to lose Pennsylvania, Ohio and Rhode Island. That’s three. Virginia, I think we hold. Tennessee, I think we hold. I’m less certain we’re going to hold Missouri and I’m least certain we hold Montana. But to take control, Democrats have to win three of those four, and that’s unlikely.” If Democrats picked up five, the chamber would be 50-50, guaranteeing frequent appearances by Vice President Cheney as President of the Senate.


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