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Mike Lee: Rubio’s Approach to Immigration Reform Is ‘Nonsensical’

Republican senator Mike Lee of Utah stated Wednesday morning that he “cannot support” the Gang of Eight immigration bill because of its comprehensive approach. Discussing the bill with Laura Ingraham on her radio show, Lee explained that it is “nonsensical” to argue that Congress has to address amnesty at the same time it deals with strengthening border security.

“One of my frustrations with this bill is that it proceeds with the idea that we cannot get anything done unless we get all of it done,” Lee said. He acknowledged that he shares certain objectives with Rubio, but he disagreed with the Florida senator’s suggestion that “we have to do all these things at once.”

Lee was also critical of the way the legislation has been handled in Congress. The bill, he asserted, was negotiated “behind closed doors” and its sponsors were unwilling to accept any substantive amendments.

“Most of those in Congress calling to pass this bill have not read it,” Lee told Ingraham, adding that he hopes floor debate will draw out some of the bill’s flaws.


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