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Mike Pence & the Draft Dodge

They’ll be more to come on here why he didn’t decide to run for president and reactions, but here’s one from Brent Bozell, who sent a letter to Mike Pence last week urging him to run for president (also signed by former congressmen Jim Ryun and Dick Armey) tells me he’s “Disappointed, but not surprised” about Pence’s decision to rule out running for president in 2012. “I think he’s made the best decision for his family,” Bozell continues. “Besides, he’s young — 51. He has plenty of time.”

Others close to the draft movement admit to be in a “funk” about Pence’s decision. One stating: “Seriously, we have no one for 2012 now.”

I don’t think it’s that bad. But it gives you an idea how “torn” — which is the word folks close to him keep using about his deliberations — he really must have been. He was being seriously lobbied to run. But for both president and governor. And only one was an extremely safe bet. 


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