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Mike Rogers: If Necessary, U.S. Will Have No Problem Evacuating Olympic Athletes

Representative Mike Rogers (R., Mich.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said on ABC’s This Week that he thinks the Russians are handling security at the Sochi Olympics well. Besides the “guards, gates, and guns,” Rogers said, “the other part that I think they’ve done well is aggressive counterterrorism operations.”

Rogers praised international intelligence efforts, but expressed disappointment in the amount of internal intelligence that the Russians are sharing with other nations.

Though terrorism remains a threat, Rogers thinks terrorists will more likely attack somewhere outside of the Sochi security rings because such areas are more vulnerable. “They just have to have some disruptive event somewhere” to accomplish their goals, Rogers said.

If security ever becomes an issue, Rogers expressed no worries that our athletes would be safely evacuated. “I think all the preparation that can be done to protect the athletes from a United States perspective is there,” he said. “I believe if there is any event that would lead to the evacuation of our athletes that in fact would happen and would happen orderly.”


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