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Mike’s Medal

Andy: Your post about the FDNY reminded me of an email I just rec’d from John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting:

Michael Phelps and his eight gold medals owned this Olympics.

But as we celebrate his achievement and await his cereal box, let’s acknowledge another Medal-winning Mike.

For this Mike there will be no podium, Tonight Show Appearance, or 8-figure endorsement strategy.

Though Mike knows a lot about sacrifice and performing under pressure he won’t rack up the friends on Myspace, Facebook, and have LeBron and Kobe at his medal ceremony

Mike won’t be popular.

Mike Monsoor was awarded his medal in April 2008.

It was the Congressional Medal of Honor

Mike died jumping on a live grenade in Iraq, saving the lives of his fellow SEALS. He was 25 years old.

Michael Phelps and our Olympic team, represented well. In both victory and defeat they, and therefore we, stood tall. But there would be no Michaels without Mike. And when we watch the highlights, and hear our anthem, let’s cheer for him as well.

Here’s a Navy website on Mike Monsoor

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