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Miles Gone By

This coming Tuesday (November 24) would have been Bill Buckley’s 84th birthday. We think a nice way to remember Bill is the way he remembered his own life and doings — through his literary autobiography, Miles Gone By. This beautiful hardcover (a NY Times bestseller when it was first published in 2004) is nearly 600 pages, and includes a CD of WFB reading selections.


Woven from personal pieces composed over the course of a celebrated writing life of more than 50 years, Miles Gone By. Is a wonderful account of the larger-than-life man who founded the modern conservative movement. As the brassy member (one of ten children!) of the large and rambunctious Family Buckley, as the enfant terrible who had all academia in an uproar over his first book, God and Man at Yale, from there on to the CIA spy, the National Review founder, the Firing Line inquisitor, father and husband, novelist, sailor, submariner (his account of seeing the Titanic is trés cool), friend (you’ll enjoy Bill’s perspective on his many good friends, from Ronald Reagan and Claire Booth Luce to Roger Moore and David Niven), mayoral candidate, Bach aficionado . . .

How the life of the larger-than-life Bill Buckley can be contained in 600 pages is a mystery, but it is in Miles Gone By. Now, why are we promoting this book? Because we just came across two boxes, hidden for the past five years under other boxes, in the NR storage room. If you would like a copy the cost is only $30, which includes shipping and handling. You may order it safely and securely here, but you had best do it immediately because these will be gone before you know it.