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Miley Cyrus: An Eight-Year-Old Reacts

From Thomas Hibbs, whose daughter is a Hannah Montana fan

Yesterday, I was watching Fox and they start talking about Miley and my daughter says, “What’s that?”  I said, “Sara, it is not good.”  At first she looked little sad, then she saw the picture and heard some comments and said, “That’s disgusting. Well, that girl is on her way to being another washed-up Hollywood star.”  And she walked away indifferent.

I posted a quick item on the Vanity Fair incident on Sunday and have gotten many e-mails from people who are upset that I may have been too hard on Cyrus. I didn’t write much, so I don’t think I was. But while I don’t buy that the Cyruses were complete innocents here — at which point when the teenager takes off her shirt does dad think this is not bad news — I might be more bothered that there is an audience for this. What does it say about us?  

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