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Military-Record Politics

Jonah, conservatives should not stand by as liberals try to argue that Kerry went to war in Vietnam and killed people, hurray, and George W. Bush didn’t. Dems stayed awfully quiet on this in 2000 until November — because they didn’t want the GOP highlighting Al Gore’s very family-manipulated war record, including his protective security arrangements and early exit from Vietnam. The same Dems who insisted that the military heroism of Bush Uno was meaningless and a “smear” to notice that Clinton even evaded serving in the ROTC. Hypocrites. Spinmeisters. And they hated the war in its entirety. Killing people in Vietnam was never anything they favored before.

I would love to see Dan Quayle come out and say “all you people have had a picnic compared to what the press did to me — Clinton, Kerry, Dubya, Gore, whoever.”

This is all an attempt by the Dems to insist that once a Democrat has served in wartime and been wounded, you’re not allowed to criticize their congressional votes. Kerry has a liberal record. Max Cleland had a liberal record. They are not only not immune from criticism, they richly deserve criticism. But the liberal media wants to proclaim that liberal labeling is not allowed.

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