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Milking It

I’ve always suspected that the fact that kids these days (“kids these days”, have I really just written that?) drink so much soda and so little milk is partly a legacy of the half-understood fat scares of two decades or so ago. Milk ceased to be quite so much ‘the’ childhood drink as parents began to ask themselves whether cow juice was, you know, sort of dangerous. Well, a recent fatwa from the health mullahs (sorry, Josh!) over at the Center for ‘Science’ in the Public Interest is just the sort of nonsense that will perpetuate those attitudes. They are trying to drive 2% or whole milk, the milk that kids actually, well, like out of schools. CSPI’s press release is here and, unsurprisingly, it comes with a junk statistic or two:

“A girl who drinks one cup of 1% milk instead of 2% milk each school day would cut 47,000 calories and 11 pounds of fat from her diet during her 13 years in school…”

Leaving aside the fact that calories are not really ‘cumulative’ in that way, let’s do the math. 47,000 calories over 13 years is 47,000 calories over 4,745 days. In other words, less than ten calories a day.

Oh, the horror.

Via blogger Sasha Castel.


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