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Millions for Defense but Not One Cent for Tribute . . . Not Exactly

At the Standard, FDD’s Tom Joscelyn discusses the infuriating decision of British prime minister David Cameron to capitulate to jihadists and their lawyers. Evidently, it’s not enough for Cameron to announce that his government will investigate “torture” claims by former Gitmo detainees — claims repeatedly investigated and found wanting. Now it appears the Brits are actually going to pay jihadists. Why? Tom explains:

The Sun (UK) offers a forthright assessment: The former detainees and their lawyers have buried British intelligence in paper. “Our services are paralysed by paperwork as they try to defend themselves in lengthy court cases with uncertain rules,” Cameron is quoted as saying. “We cannot have their work impeded by these allegations.”

The Sun says the former detainees are suing British officials for “up to £500,000 each” and Cameron’s government has “been left with little choice but to settle with the men – once feared to have been some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world.”

In other words, the former detainees and their lawyers have already won, which isn’t altogether surprising.

It’s not explained why Cameron thinks that you get to pay off extortionists just once and they quietly go away. Sir, they will now own you.

Meantime, as Powerline’s John Hinderaker relates, six Algerian detainees have refused to leave Club Gitmo despite the Obama administration’s efforts to repatriate them. You see, they’re afraid that if they leave U.S. custody they’ll be, well, tortured. The esteemed members of the Gitmo Bar, who for years defamed Gitmo as George Bush’s Gulag, the site of unspeakable human-rights abuses, now argue that it would be an unspeakable human-rights abuse to send them away from Gitmo. But maybe they’re just holding out for a better deal from the Brits.

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