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“Dear Mr. Derbyshire—You are absolutely right that biologists flock to the

gaps. I am a graduate student hoping to pursue evolution and paleontology.

My second week at school the command came down from on high to read and

literature and find a gap by 2 weeks hence. That gap would be the basis for

my thesis. If there were no gaps left, there would be nothing to research

and no need for scientists! So biologists must search for missing knowledge,

or else they will be grantless and idle. Of course, if something is really

obvious, they all hit upon it at the same time. For example, my professor

told me that there is going to soon be a glut of molecular biologists unable

to find jobs – since every undergrad was told what a new exciting field it

was, they all naturally pursued it.

“Thanks for your defenses at the Corner. I don’t think someone’s science

should have anything to do with their politics or religion, and when people

try to make the association it just makes it worse for everyone.”

“A Biologist”


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