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Minimum Wage In Montana

From a reader:

Jonah, sorry I’m just now catching up with your posts.  I went door to door

as a legislative candidate (lost) and you bet, minimum wage was huge here.

Hundreds of voters lined up at the courthouse on election day to REGISTER

and vote and I’m sure it was more the wage issue that the Burns-Tester race.

I mean if you cared that much why would you wait so long to register?  But

I’m sure the libs got through to all these people via the plethora of local

nonprofits here to convince they were all going to get raises if this thing


And what is really irritating is that of course, it’s another franchise

“issue” pushed nationally and going around the states to bolster turnout.

Yet the state supreme court took OUR franchise issues off the ballot and

left THEIRS for very specious reasons–petition signatures collected by

out-of-staters.   Funny how the Dems played the xenophobia card here with

that and the harping ont he fact that Burns was originally from Missouri.