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Minority Leadership in the Senate

Here’s what Senator Kyl said on Laura’s show this morning:

INGRAHAM: “Will the GOP minority in the Senate, Senator Kyl, filibuster the

 president if he agrees with a broad coalition of Democrats and pro-illegal

 immigration Republicans on pushing temporary workers and a path to

 citizenship? Can you see that happening?”


 KYL: “I would certainly hope that the majority of Republicans in the Senate

 would not be complicit in passing legislation that is not wise, that for

 example, would put everybody on a path to citizenship and say that temporary

 workers get to get U.S. citizenship, and so on. I would certainly hope that

 we would have the 40 votes to be able to stop that, but, I don’t know, we’re

 going to have to wait and see; it’ll be very close.”


 INGRAHAM: “I would guess then that’s a yes; a filibuster would be in order

 if it was necessary.”


 KYL: “It would be in order. My only question is whether we’ve got the

 votes to do it. Clearly a majority of the Republicans in the Senate don’t

 want that kind of legislation, but whether we’ve got 40 votes, I’m just not


Here’s the audio.

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