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Minority Voters on Immigration

Ever wonder what actual Hispanic voters think about immigration, rather than the ethnic activists and campaign consultants that too many gullible Republicans rely on? Well, a new Center for Immigration Studies poll asked them, and the results are not what you’d think.

The poll of Hispanic, black, and Asian voters used neutral language (no “illegal aliens” or “amnesty” or “undocumented”) and found that the majority of each group thought overall immigration was too high and favored attrition through enforcement over amnesty. (See the full questions and results here.) It’s true, as pro-amnesty groups never tire of pointing out, that there is indeed some support for amnesty; about half of each group (as well as likely voters overall) say they favor legalization, when offered that as a stand-alone choice. But huge majorities of the very same people favor enforcement, when it was offered by itself, something the pro-amnesty polls don’t bother to do. And when asked to choose between the two, majorities of each group favored enforcement; Hispanics by 18 points, blacks by 20 points, and Asians by 28 points.

In the stand-alone question on amnesty, 44 percent of Hispanic voters opposed it, 33 percent strongly. Those are the GOP’s voters, and backing amnesty is just going to dispirit them without gaining much of anything in return.


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