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From a French friend:

Dear Peter,

This morning at the French radio I thought a moment hearing you(YOU)

answering [a remark] (A):

A – Reagan didn’t “tear ” the wall down, Nixon, Carter and the previous

presidents had the whole job already done, He only took advantage of it for his own profit! He only destroyed the social security, ruined the poor

people. He was stupid and brought the Neo-cons to Washington with the today consequences!

YOU: Reagan was not stupid, he was deeply kind and proved being president of the actors unionists, then Governor then President that he was very clever indeed. He was probably the best communicator ever. If He was not the only one to put the communism down, he contributed to it largely with the bluff of starwars that the russians couldn’t follow….

He was probably the greatest President that America has ever had.

Actually, guess who was YOU?

Mr. Védrinne, former French socialist minister of Foreign Affairs!

This is the first time I heard a French Minister (more over socialist!)

saying of a President, he was kind with the greatest respect and admiration!


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