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The Missing Link

K-lo and Jonah, I don’t think that Major Garrett story can be talked about

enough. Since the President is under attack for being “oblivious and

dangerous” and Tina Brown thinks that the failures of Katrina-relief

management are a call to arms for the plucky heroes of the left,

obviously we must enter the Blame Wars, even if only in a defensive


For me, Major Garrett’s report that the Red Cross was barred by LA

state officials from delivering food, water, and supplies to the

Superdome on Monday (the storm day) is the great missing link of the

saga. As I watched the events unfold, the one thing I couldn’t

understand was why the evacuee situation at the Superdome was so dire,

as I clearly remembered from the weekend pre-storm coverage that the

people who couldn’t get out of the city on their own were being told

to go there. Why send people to a facility, but then not bring them

what they need to survive? Garrett’s reporting tells us that LA state

officials, answerable to the Governor, not the feds, didn’t want the

Red Cross to bring supplies in on Monday because they wanted evacuees

to leave the area.

I suspect the HuffPoo will have found a way to vilify the Red Cross by noon.

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