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Mississippi Legislators Pass ‘Anti-Bloomberg Bill’

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s soda ban may have been struck down yesterday, but lawmakers in Mississippi have taken action to prevent similar initiatives in their state by passing what is being called the “Anti-Bloomberg Bill.” The bill would prevent Mississippi counties, cities, and towns from passing laws that require restaurants to post calorie counts, limit portion sizes, and bar toys from kids’ meals. Republican Governor Phil Bryant is expected to sign the bill later this month, according to National Public Radio. 

The bill has attracted bipartisan support, with members of both parties rallying behind the cause. It sailed through Mississippi’s state Senate by a 50 to 1 margin earlier this month. “If you want 1,000 sodas, you can still do that,” said the Democratic congressman who introduced the bill.

The bill has its detractors, though. Critics cite the fact that Mississippi is ranked among the unhealthiest in the country and boasts the nation’s highest obesity rate. 

The text of the bill is available here


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