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Missouri College GOP Chairman: Group Turned Away at Obama Speech for ‘Security Reasons’

A group of College Republicans were denied admission to President Obama’s speech at the University of Central Missouri Wednesday, allegedly because of “security concerns.” A. J. Feather, Chairman of the Missouri College Republicans, filled in some more details today in an appearance on Fox News.

Feather, who was not a member of the group that day, reported that there were eight College Republicans total, six from the University of Central Missouri and two from the University of Missouri. They’d been protesting since about 2:00 p.m. in a small “public speech area” that was not visible or within earshot of Obama’s speech. They attempted to enter the speech at 3:40 and were turned away by security personnel (“they believe he was a police officer, he had ‘P.D.’ written on his hat,” Feather said) for “security reasons.”

Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary released a statement in the wake of the event saying that the event site was closed because the event site had reached maximum capacity. However, Feather said that the students were not told they were being turned away for that reason; in fact, the group had two extra tickets and met students who had left the event because of the heat.

Several of the College Republicans were reportedly wearing tea-party shirts, but Feather could only confirm that one student was wearing a “Mizzou College Republicans” T-shirt that had the national debt on the back, adding “I can’t imagine that [the shirt] was a security threat.”

Feather said he did not know if other students had been admitted at the same time the group was being turned away.

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