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Missouri Gov. Warns Against ‘Senseless Violence’ in Anticipation of Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict

Missouri governor Jay Nixon warned those who would incite riots in the wake of an imminent grand-jury decision on the fate of Ferguson police officer Darrell Wilson, emphasizing new crowd-control efforts and explaining that the National Guard was on “stand-by” for any unrest.

The grand jury is expected to soon decide whether to indict Wilson, the officer whose shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown sparked massive riots last summer. And judging by the reaction of local and state officials, many appear to be expecting that Wilson will not be indicted.

In a Tuesday press conference, the Democratic governor decried the “senseless violence” of a few months earlier. “That ugliness was not representative of Missouri, and it cannot be repeated,” Nixon cautioned. “We have been working around-the-clock to prepare to keep the residents and businesses of the St. Louis region safe – regardless of the outcome of parallel local and state investigations.”


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