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Mizzou Digs a Deeper Hole

The University of Missouri has been cratering ever since school leaders caved in to BLM radicals in 2015. Enrollments are way down, the budget has been cut (good for the legislature!), and people have been released. (It took the Board of Regents to get rid of the odious Melissa Click.)

That being the case, you’d think that university officials would be extremely careful to avoid further missteps. But you’d be wrong, as law professor Thomas Lambert discusses in this Martin Center article.

The administration has picked a fight with one of Lambert’s colleagues on the law faculty, Royce Barondes, over his criticism of the university’s stance on concealed weapons on campus. A recently adopted provision of the state constitution protects the right of people to carry concealed weapons, but the university has declared itself above that law. When Professor Barondes sued to make the university obey the law, the administration responded with a truly vicious counterattack.

Lambert writes,

In addition to forcing Professor Barondes to defend against three spurious counterclaims, the university sued him for its attorney fees. Those fees will be tremendous, given that the university injected unnecessary complexity with its countersuit and outsourced the litigation to one of the state’s most expensive law firms (where the judge assigned to the case previously practiced law). The message from University of Missouri officials seems clear: Do not challenge us, or we will bankrupt you. We will not allow constitutional niceties to disrupt our agenda. We cannot be expected to comply with silly rules put in place by the unwashed masses of Missouri voters.

You have to wonder how much of Missouri’s flagship university will be left after the “progressive” crowd in charge gets done with it.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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