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Krauthammer’s Take: McConnell ‘Decided Last Year to Save the Court from Liberalism’

Asked to name a winner and loser of the week, Charles Krauthammer praised Mitch McConnell for his strategic victory, and denigrated Bashar al-Assad for losing the upper hand in the Syrian Civil War:

Winner, Mitch McConnell. It’s not just that he carried off the nuclear option with not even a bang but a whimper, but he decided last year to save the Court from liberalism — and it surely would have been tilted for decades — by saying he would not even consider Obama’s nominee. He took a lot of heat, and he protected — this is the most important element — he protected the other senators in the GOP by taking all the heat himself. This is his finest hour, his major accomplishment.

Loser? Bashar al-Assad. The strike did not alter the course of the war. He still has the upper hand, but it froze the conditions. He was on his way to a rout. Right now, that’s up in the air.

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