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Mitt Romney, Man of the People

Mark alluded to this jaw-dropping statement below. Here’s Mr. “Bet You Ten Grand” on his common-touch car collection. From the Daily Caller:

Mitt Romney is so supportive of the national auto industry that he doesn’t just buy American — he buys American five times over.

“I like the fact that most of the cars I see are Detroit-made automobiles,” Romney told a Detroit crowd, reports BuzzFeed. He then went on to list the five that his family owns.

“I drive a Mustang and a Chevy pickup truck. Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs. I used to have a Dodge truck, so I used to have all three covered,” he said.

Romney has struggled with the perception that his wealth makes him elite and out of touch with so-called regular Americans, and talking about his five cars — even if they are American made — probably doesn’t help his case.

Well, he does have to get between his various homes from coast to coast. 

Yes, if he’s the nominee he’ll be up against a fellow millionaire in the November election, a guy who made his pile by writing a couple of media-backed books. 

But has Romney learned absolutely nothing about campaigning? Does he have no advisers to tell him how bad this sounds to folks who, let’s say, don’t own four or five cars per couple? Or is he just going to plow ahead with his ten-grand bets and thoughtless lines about not caring about the very poor and just hope that everybody sees a fortune made in venture capitalism either by stripping troubled companies of their assets or casino-betting on startups with other people’s money as the very culmination of the American Dream? 

Good luck with that, Mitt. 




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