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Mittle Ground

I’ve mentioned before Mitt Romney’s weird tone-deaf penchant for conventional wisdom way past its sell-by date. So here’s today’s Los Angeles Times:

Romney Says He Can Work With Democrats

Gee, I know that’s what I’m looking for in a Republican candidate these days.

Last time round, Mitt spend a ton of money and got nowhere. This time, he seems determined not to learn from last time’s fiasco. So today he’s going around “touting his record of working with Democrats”. Er, we already have a president whose record of “working with Democrats” is pretty impressive.

Look, it’s not very difficult. Nixon had it all figured out: You tack to your party’s base during the primaries and then to the center during the general. If you’re already reaching across the aisle come primary season, it’s not a good sign, and even less so when you’re boasting about your ability to work with Ted Kennedy:

“I worked with [former Massachusetts Sen.] Ted Kennedy, for Pete’s sakes,” Romney said in Concord, noting that they disagreed on “almost everything.”One issue that Kennedy and Romney worked closely on was legislation expanding healthcare coverage in Massachusetts. He recalled, to laughter, that at the ceremonial signing of the Massachusetts healthcare law, the Democrat had joked that when he and Romney agreed on a piece of legislation “it proves only one thing – one of us didn’t read it.”

Are you sure Ted was joking?

According to the photo caption, Mitt “faced questions from voters that reflected frustration with the gridlock in Washington”. The correct answer to that isn’t to boast about getting rolled by Ted Kennedy but to explain politely to the voter that, say what one will about Washington, any government that runs up multi-trillion-dollar annual budgets, half of which is borrowed out of thin air, and then carelessly tosses ObamaCare and a ton of “stimulus” into the great sucking maw as a bonus, isn’t suffering from any kind of “gridlock”. 

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