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Mittzine Delivered

Check out Mittzine!

This 12-page advertorial feature discusses Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, their records, backgrounds, and ideas. It also compares them with President Obama. Among other news, commentary, and information, Mittzine includes a piece by yours truly explaining how the Left attacks Romney for his wealth while treating much-richer Democrats as if they were blue-collar workers.

Mittzine appeared Sunday as a Parade Magazine-type insert in about 150 newspapers with some 4.5 million readers in Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin. These include the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and the Richmond Times Dispatch, among others. The insert provided a double whammy in the Des Moines Register, which <a href=”

&nclick_check=1″>endorsed Romney. This reverses its 2008 support for Obama and is the first time that Iowa’s leading newspaper has backed a GOP nominee since Richard Milhous Nixon in 1972.

Mittzine is a project of the Ending Spending Action Fund. It already generated stories in the Cleveland’s Plain Dealer, NBC’s First Read,, and even the Hollywood Reporter’s website.

On this website, readers can peruse Mittzine like an actual magazine. One can flip the pages or download a PDF, in order to print this publication or save it for posterity.

Romney supporters should share this link with anyone and everyone they know. While the newspapers that distributed Mittzine are only in battleground states, anyone with Internet access can read this online facsimile — even in places like Manhattan and Santa Monica, where the 2012 presidential election is little more than a rarely repeated rumor.

Enjoy, and please spread the word!

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor and a contributing editor of National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.


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